Threefold - Sotia Lazu

This review was originally posted on One Curvy Blogger

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Have you ever enjoyed a book so much that you were able to overlook the obvious flaws to reach your happily-ever-after? Threefold was a delicious treat, but there were definite flaws (in the characters, mostly) that I typically would not be able to overlook. Lazu must be some kind of sneaky word magician, because I loved this book and I’ll definitely be reading more from her!

Let’s talk about what I enjoyed first. I loved our female protagonist, Becca. She is all kinds of curvy, naughty, saucy fun and she’s not afraid to be herself! I love a woman who doesn’t let her insecurities rule her life. And the best of all, she uses her talent at nark to put Colin in his place when he pulls the “narcissist asshole” routine.

I also really enjoyed the naughty times, even the one that clearly stumbled into “cheating.” Lazu really brings the heat, so I was not disappointed there. Especially when Brad and Colin were able to get over their hang ups and focus on enjoying each other.

Where I was a little bit let down? Colin. Colin was a real shallow ass hat. He came off as cold and narcissist until I learned that he used his “shallow” personality to keep Becca and Brad firmly in the friends-only category. It clearly didn’t work and naughty times ensued. (And I really enjoyed those naughty times, in case I forgot to mention. Ahem.) So while he was redeemable by the end of the book, I really just did not like him in the beginning.

Even though there were a few things I didn’t like and didn’t expect to get passed, I loved it the experience and can’t wait to read more from Lazu. I recommend Threefold to anyone who can get passed the bumpy ride and enjoy the steamy romance.