Shallow Graves - Kali Wallace

This review was originally posted on One Curvy Blogger

Shallow Graves starts off with a strong, spine-tingling beginning that had me hooked almost instantly. When I first discovered this chilling debut, I knew I had to get my hands on it. It’s a semi-new experience for me, deviating from the romance genre, so I am still nervous when I pick up a book that has no romance plot at all. Fortunately, Shallow Graves sucked me in so fast, I didn’t even miss the fact that there was no romance. I was invested from the first sentence.

Breezy wakes from the dead, a year after her murder, with no memory of who killed her and some new, deadly abilities that hammers in the feeling that she has risen from the grave a monster. With no hope to resuming her life with her loving family, she starts off on a listless and arduous journey to find out what she has become and hopefully regain her humanity. Along the way, Breezy discovers she’s not the only monster out there – or even the only kind of monster – and soon discovers a group of even more monstrous humans.
On the day I came back to life, hundreds of birds within a two-mile radius dropped dead with no warning and a freak storm covered the city with frost.

Shallow Graves was a haunting and gripping read. It continued to tug my heart-strings and I even found myself teary-eyed on occasion. The weird paranormal vibe didn’t take away from the fact that this is a story told from the prospective of a murdered teenage girl who loved life and was going places until her life was snuffed out. In fact, I really enjoyed the paranormal aspect to the book. I was also pleasantly surprised by the underlying themes on morality, revenge, and forgiveness. It gave this young adult horror layers that I found fascinating.

And that plot twist at the end! I should have seen it coming, but I was distracted by all those paranormal creatures. I see what you did there, Wallace.

Shallow Graves was a unique, utterly bizarre but enchanting debut that fans of horror and paranormal mysteries would enjoy. I can’t wait to see what other unique horrors Kali Wallace has in store for me! I will certainly be reading more from her.