The Tale of Chirpy Cricket - Arthur Scott Bailey

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2.5 stars

In the last few months, the book blogging community has really inspired me to spread my wings and try genres I would otherwise ignore. I have been suck in the same couple of genres for years and decided this would be no more! I love romance and I still read it, but I am craving children’s books lately, so I picked up The Tale of Chirpy Cricket because it sounded cute and what the hell, why not?

The Tale of Chirpy Cricket follows the most musical cricket in the neighborhood. (What neighborhood? Beats me!) We follow Chirpy Cricket around while he fiddles along, chatting up different kinds of crickets, other insects in the neighborhood and a few animals, too.

To say I had mixed feelings about this book would be an understatement. Once I finished the book, I gave myself a few days to stew on my feelings for it. I have finally come to realize I enjoyed the idea of The Tale of Chirpy Cricket more than I actually enjoyed the experience. It was a fun idea, but I really just didn’t click with the writing. I realize now that it’s probably because it was written as a children’s tale in the 1920s. Since I thought it was a modern children’s book when I picked up the book, it perplexed me why it sounded so… old fashioned. Not that there is anything wrong with older books, I just wasn’t in the mindset for one when I started this book.

It also felt like it moved really slowly when a children’s book for young children should probably have a faster pace. Certainly an audiobook of only 1 hour and 3 mins.

Just a warning…

The Tale of Chirpy Cricket uses words like “queer” – it isn’t used as a slur or anything, just used as a part of the language. I know that some parents might not be okay with words like that in a book for young readers, so I thought I better give y’all a heads up. :)

All-in-all, The Tale of Chirpy Cricket wound up being a snoozer for me (though since it was written as part of some Tuck-Me-In Tales series of Bailey’s, that might be a good thing).
Let’s Chat Narration

Once I began The Tale of Chirpy Cricket, I knew the Lee Ann Howlett sounded familiar. I looked her up and realized she was the narrator for Romancing Olive as well. I loved how soothing her voice was for this book. She has the perfect voice for children’s books and it showed well in Chirpy Cricket. I could clearly distinguish all the characters and she actually made this snoozer a bit more entertaining for me. I hope she performs more children’s books in the future!