A Date with the Other Side - Erin McCarthy

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A Date With the Other Side was one of those impulse buys for me. Erin McCarthy is one of my auto-buy authors that I don’t hesitate to pick up when I see a book of hers that I have yet to read. I saw A Date With the Other Side in the Friends of the Library store when I was returning my latest library books and knew I had to buy it!

The man gave a whole new meaning to the words rise and shine.

Nothing is better than a book that begins with a naked stranger, and A Date With the Other Side begins does just that. Shelby Tucker is giving her teenage cousin a private ghost tour when she stumbles upon a sleeping, naked stranger sleeping in her grandmother’s White House.

Shelby is a recently divorced, matter-of-fact native that chooses old tees and comfy shorts over fashion and has never left Cuttersville. She has a weirdly flirtatious relationship with her ex-husband that had me baffled and she is content in her life as a ghost tour host.

I really enjoyed Shelby’s character. She was a refreshing change from the normal contemporary heroine, though nothing about her shouted “special” to me. I do approve of her love of comfort and I liked her well enough, but I didn’t love her. (I guess that pretty much sums up my feelings for the book actually).

Boston McNamara has been sent to the Cuttersville’s Samsons Plastics plant and he has no idea why – except that his boss must be punishing him for some reason. He can’t wait to get out of the Podunk, wacky small-town but while he’s there he can’t see why he can’t enjoy the scenery (and by scenery, I totally mean Shelby). He is drawn to Shelby in a way that leaves him puzzled, since the frumpishly dressed blonde is far from his normal taste in bed partners.

“Hi, Shelby. How are you?”

She smiled, and Boston almost stopped and got back in his car. Her smile was inviting, and it turned him on so bad he was scared.

“I’m fine. Hot.” She pulled her shirt out and fanned air up her cleavage. “How ‘bout yourself?”

“I’m good.” Never bigger. Better, never better.

A Date With the Other Side lacked that “sparkle” that makes a story awesome, but I did enjoy watching the two stubborn characters get into some seriously hilarious, paranormal situations – mostly in thanks to Shelby’s matchmaking Gran. They introduced me to some secondary characters that I really want to see more from and some ghosts that I hope appear in the rest of the series! It wasn’t the most exciting book I’ve ever read, but it was a fun book that I don’t regret picking up. I will be looking out for more books in McCarthy’s Cuttersville series and I hope the series just gets better the more I read!