When An Omega Snaps - Eve Langlais

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4.5 stars

I was really looking forward to Leo's book. He is such a quiet, giant of a feline and seriously in need of some fun! When an Omega Snaps is my favorite in the A Lion's Pride series so far, because Meena and Leo are so different from one another. Watching them circle one another was entertaining as hell!

Leo and Meena's first meeting began with a wack to the head from a flying Frisbee and ended with a yummy kiss. Meena is a part of the East Coast Pride but was banned from by Arik's father years ago for causing so much trouble. It was hilarious to watch chaos literally follow her everywhere — even when she totally doesn't see it coming!

It was so fun to watch Leo's boring life come crumbling down when Meena forces her way into it. I'd feel bad for him if I didn't he totally needed it. When an Omega Snaps was a yummy adventure and I am loving this series and can't wait to read more from Langlais. I have yet to read the newest book in the series, but I know it will be just as juicy as the first three!