Parasite - Mira Grant

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I knew I was going to pick up Parasite right after I finished my review for Blackout, the third and final book in the Newsflesh trilogy. It was sad to see George and Shaun go, but I was so excited to delve into a brand-new series and world from Mira Grant!
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In Parasite, Grant takes us into the future once more with another medical-science advanced world, but the world that Parasite is chillingly similar to our own. If you thought the Newsflesh trilogy was horrifying, wait until you read Parasite!

In this world, humans are no longer dying from things like the flu or auto-immune disorders. This is all thanks to a lovely parasite design by SymboGen to boost the immune system and to cure illness. People no longer need to pop a pill every time we get sick, we have a biogenetically engineered tapeworm to help with silly things like that. Things are all fine and dandy until a horrifying realization starts to dawn: the tapeworms that saved the human race are waking up and they are taking over.
How does Mira Grant do it?

I enjoyed listening to the entire Newsflesh trilogy on audiobook but I craved the ability to read a Mira Grant novel, so I picked up the hardback of Parasite from the public library. And you know what? It was just as awesome, thrilling and spooky as listening to one of her books. I actually found Parasite even more horrifying. The futuristic world of the Parasitology series is very different, but startling similar to the real world that it made me shudder. To think that the human race could be convinced to try something like purposely ingesting a living parasite to make us better made me shudder. And as someone with a life-changing auto-immune disorder, it made me wonder if I could do something so drastic for a chance at a better life. I mean, I’m already taking a medication that has the slightest possibility of causing a fatal brain infection that could eat away at my brain… Yeah, the concept of this book was definitely a slap in the face of my own reality.

Even after listening to Grant’s first series over and over, she still found so many ways to surprise me. This woman is talented at setting the scene and it showed as she once again gave us snippets of newspaper articles and books that somehow both foreshadowed what was to come but still managed to shock and awe. If I’m going to survive another freaking amazing series by this woman, I’m going to have to stop wondering how the hell this woman manages to write unique, horrifying science fiction with every book I read.
And of course, the characters are just as wonderful!

Six years before Parasite begins, Sally Mitchell is involved in a car accident. She is injured so badly that the doctors are in the process of declaring her brain-dead and taking her off life support when she suddenly wakes up. She doesn’t know who she is anymore, how to speak English or even how to read. All she knows is that SymboGen’s tapeworm saved her life.

Fast forward six years and Sally (or Sal as she now identifies) still does not remember her old life. She is no longer the Sally Mitchell who died in a fatal car accident. Instead, she is Sal, part-time animal shelter employee and full-time SymboGen guinea pig whom is grateful at her second chance at life that brought her an amazing and support boyfriend, but she is beyond frustrated that her parents (and most of the scientific community) see her has an adult six-year-old.

To say I loved our characters would be an understatement. Though Sal is nothing like George of the Newsflesh trilogy, she is definitely the strong, independent woman I’ve come to love in Grant’s heroines. She is determined to find out what SymboGen is hiding and she has the perfect boyfriend to help her achieve her goals.

“I will never judge you for not being someone that I’ve never met, or known you to be, or wanted,” he said quietly. “You’re my Sal. That’s all I’m ever going to ask you to be.”

Sal has some similar(ish) character traits to George of the Newsflesh trilogy, but Nathan is completely new to Parasite. He is adorably dorky, ridiculously smart and so supportive of everything Sal accomplishes. Nathan is my ultimate book boyfriend! He’s also the perfect man to have at Sal’s side, since he is a parasitologist working for San Fran City Hospital.

Another thing I am awed by is the amazing ability Grant has for creating a well-developed cast of characters. No matter what their role, Grant’s characters all have their own personality and back story. Grant literally creates a unique and awe-inspired universe with every story she creates.

I can sit her and ramble on about my love for Parasite and everything Mira Grant writes, but I will do the nice thing and just recommend you read this book ASAP! Even those who don’t enjoy zombie books could enjoy this thriller.