When A Beta Roars - Eve Langlais

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4 stars

Langlais ramps up the funny, the sassy and the danger in A Lion's Pride with Hayder and Arabella's book. When a Beta Roars begins when sulky beta unhappily makes his way to his new charge's hotel room and realizes the She-wolf he's been tasked with protecting is his mate! And almost shoots him! Whoops. :D

Oh man, this book was sooo much fun. We get a playful male lion, a wolf with really inconvenient allergies, and a She-wolf that slowly learns that not all men want to beat submission in their chosen women. I loved watching Arabella grow out of her fears and embrace her wolf side. And I really enjoyed watching beat up some idiot wolves. I'm not one for weak female heroines so it was fun to watch her grow into a confident, sexy woman under the tutelage of one tricky and adorable lion. It was even more fun to watch the female lions of the pride help her toughen up. Female lions can be bitchy but they are fierce and protective of their friends!

All-in-all this was a bit of a heart-squeezer but I loved it. It was super fun to read and definitely worthy of a re-read.