Rippler - Cidney Swanson

This review was originally posted on One Curvy Blogger

Rippler is vastly different from Book of Love, but I had to DNF it for similar reasons. It just wasn’t going anywhere! Don’t you hate that? I invested hours of listening into Rippler and I finally had to set it down around almost 5 hours into it before I finally realized the book was almost over but still nothing has happened! The sad part? I didn’t actually hate it. I loved the idea of Samantha somehow becoming invisible and I was so curious about who and why people who know about this gene are being murdered. It sounded like my kind of science fiction, but it ultimately disappointed. I was so bored and frustrated by the pace that I had to end it. Plus, the characters were getting annoying. They moved about as fast as the pace and it was so IRRITATING! Ugh!