Rescuing the Bad Boy - Jessica Lemmon

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Since I was introduced to my first Second Chance bad boy, Jessica Lemmon has been a go to favorite of mine for delicious heroes and toe curling romance and this one was no different. Rescuing the Bad Boy is the heartbreaking, heartwarming story of a second chance romance between Sofie and the bad boy who broke her heart.

A muscle in his cheek ticked. His light eyes flickered down her body and back up, making her tingle everywhere as if his fingers followed their path. Once upon a time she believe he was her one. The One. Once upon a time when she handed over her precious first time to a man who couldn’t care less about her.

I don’t do virgins.

I have wanted to read Sofie and Donovan’s story since their introduction in Bringing Home the Bad Boy. I was so excited to realize their book would be next and practically gobbled it up in one sitting.
Donny came back to Evergreen Cove after the death of his grandmother to sell his inheritance and quickly return to his life as a stone mason in New York City. When he realized the mansion he was willed by his grandmother is needed for his ex-lover’s charity event, he puts his plans on hold to help the woman he’s always regretted hurting all those years ago.

“I ever hear you refer to a single part of her body as “sweet” again, or if I hear you insinuate any part of her body is a ‘pain,’ I will lay you out. I don’t care how uneven the fight it, how much older than me you are, or that you might sue me or call the police. I. Will. Lay. You. Out.”

I had mixed emotions for Donny at first. On the one hand, I love a protective, dominant bad boy that isn’t subtle about his over protective nature. On the other hand, there is nothing more irritating than an alpha-male who excuses asshole behavior as “doing what’s best” for the woman he cares about. Yeah yeah, I’m contradicting myself but that sort of high-handed behavior grates on my nerves because it’s just so insulting! Let’s just say there are personality traits of alpha males that I looove and I hate.

He raised one black brow and her yes locked on to his silver-blue ones. Those hadn’t changed. They were the color of the shallows when the lake began to freeze. They were the color of cold, the color of hollow. The color of her heart the night she’d slapped him in his stupid Jeep.

Fortunately, as the book continues we are allowed glimpses into Donny’s psyche that melts my irritation into “awwhhh let me give you hugs and kisses” feelings. Donny has some fierce self-image issues stemming from his painful past in Evergreen Cove so it’s really difficult to blame the man for thinking he isn’t good enough for his warm-hearted Scampi.

Sofie and Donny’s story was both a deliciously sexy romance and a heart wringer. I recommend Rescuing the Bad Boy to lovers of smokin’ hawt contemporary romance – but be warned and bring a box of tissues! You’ll need them!