Truest - Jackie Lea Sommers

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WARNING! This review is physically killing me to write, so if its terrible and completely random, I apologize. Even weeks later, these feelings are spilling out of me and I can’t seem to put them into words to form a cohesive sentence. Just know that I freaking loved Truest even if my review is a jumbled mess. Got it?

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Though I have read several books since Truest (and some of them were wonderful), I have been unable to pump up some inspiration to review anything. This is why I have eight reviews I have yet to write and 0 completed this week. So while I want to shout to the world that EVERYONE MUST READ THIS BOOK AT LEAST ONCE, I’m cursing Sommers for writing such an intense, amazing, emotional roller coaster of a story that I can’t get past. But I’m going to try to, just for you guys, *takes deep breath*

The characters are addictive

Our main character, West, is so relatable. She’s seventeen-years-old and stuck in Green Lake for the summer while her best friend is off working at a summer camp. She’s got a nice boyfriend that she wants to love but doesn’t, a father that spends all his time looking after the town and not enough with his own family, and she has no idea what she wants to do with her life after high school. And she’s soooo in denial about her feelings for Silas, its amusing.

“What?” He deadpanned. “What are you staring at?”

“Your windbreaker is just so…”

“Fetching?” he interjected. “Voguish? Swanky?”

“Hot,” I said, playing along. “The nineties neon just exudes sex appeal.”

West’s life is spinning out of control and it’s all Silas’s fault. I mean, I don’t like to point feelings, but it’s kind of true. He arrives in town and the poor girl’s life is never the same. Don’t get me wrong, the boy is loveable and gorgeous and dreamy and but he truly makes an impact. How could he not?

Silas, unruffled, sighed unhappily.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, frowning, chancing a glance at him.

“I finally made it into the backseat with a girl,” Silas cracked, looking hard at the Dirt Devil. “This is not all I was hoping it would be.”

He’s seventeen-years-old but he seems so much older than his age. But at the same time, he’s like a little kid. He’s an oddball. He rocks dorky shirts like “practice safe lunch: Use a condiment” and “South Korea has Seoul” but he’s also a genius, intuitive man who has an outlook on life and religion that is more mature than anybody (fictional or otherwise) I’ve met. I am seriously crushing on Silas. There is no real way to explain my love for this boy.

All of the characters are astoundingly well-developed

Sommers left no stone unturned in developing her characters. Every character I met in Truest had layers of personality and I was suitably impressed. In a character driven book like Truest, character development is vastly important, so I was grateful to find a wonderful cast that made Truest an intense roller coaster of a novel. I laughed, fell in love, sobbed until snot ran down my face, and I loved every inch of it!

Basically, I recommend Truest to anybody that breathes. Or just anybody who enjoy contemporary, realistic fiction. I cannot wait to see what Sommers comes up with next!