Hit - Delilah S. Dawson

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Did you ever read a book that you were so psyched about that you read it super fast and when you finished it you couldn't figure out why? That's me now. When I was speed reading through Hit I couldn't wait to read more. And yet, by the last page I was puzzled by the characters, the plot, and the vision Dawson had for Hit.

Nothing about Hit was believable.

As you can tell from my most recent book review, I am loving the YA thrillers recently... Except for this one. When I first saw that Hit was available, I quickly snatched it up and was eager to enjoy. It finally came in the mail and I found myself speed reading through it. I think I was so excited by the concept of Hit that I missed how just okay it all was, not to mention how dumb it is for a business that makes money off debt owners to then kill them when they can't pay up. I mean, even loan sharks know you can't make money off dead people. I understand knocking them around and/or torturing them to get what they want (I'm not saying this is a good thing), but it just doesn't seem like good business practice to me. But what do I know about banking?

I am beyond baffled by the romance

Wyatt is the son of Patsy's first mark and the brother of the last victim on the list. He is fully aware that Patsy is the murderer, because he saw it happen. He knows she can't just not do it, because she is being blackmailed. I especially have a hard time following his plan to tag along for the ride and help her knock off more victims? Even the semi-predictable plot twist at the end doesn't fully help to back up his actions.

"Knock, knock," I say.

Wyatt looks at me sideways, like I'm crazy. "Who's there?"


He grins.

"Lilac who?

"Lilac you."

AND THEN HE WINDS UP INTERESTED IN HER... ROMANTICALLY. Is anyone else a little uncomfortable that Wyatt is attracted to a girl who he saw murder his father? Because I am. Very much so.

At least one thing he says makes sense:

"You can't change the past so you might as well live in the present. And if you don't like the present, make a different future.

At least that stopped Patsy from whining about her fate every time she killed someone. I get it, your life sucks and you kill people. Can you at least stop complaining in front of the guy whose dad you killed to save your own skin?

Okay, I am baffled by everything

Seriously, what is going on here?! You've got a bank killing off people left and right when it could be making money, main characters that possibly need psychiatric help, and a reader who can't figure out what she just read. All-in-all, I don't think I can recommend Hit to anyone. At least I knocked another book off the TBR...right?