Forever His - Shelly Thacker
This review was originally posted on One Curvy Blogger </ br>Forever His is a story about a woman from 1999 heads to bed on New Years Eve and wakes up in the bed of a handsome stranger 700 years in the past. I've said before that I'm not much for time travel. This may have something to do with a few unsuccessful time travel reads in my past, whatever it is didn't leave a negative reaction to Forever His.

Sir Gaston a French knight returned home to get vengeance from the nobleman who slew his family and forced to marry Celeste by King Phillip, (who is mistaken as his mortal enemy's charge) in the hopes of peace between the two men. As you can probably tell, this makes Gaston unbearably cranky and suspicious of Celeste's reason for appearing out of midair.

Meanwhile, Celeste is frantically trying to find a way home before time runs up and she's stuck in the past forever. I found myself completely enthralled by Celeste and pretty impressed that she doesn't lose her mind. If I had went to bed and woke up without electricity, indoor plumbing, and freedom (this is medieval France. Not a lot of options for women back then) I am sure I would find myself slowly growing crazier.

As impressed as I was with Celeste, I hated Sir Gaston for much of the book. I get that he's grieving for his family and in disbelief of Celeste's stories of living in a time with flying machines as transportation, but he was an ass. This made it difficult to care whether he lived or died, but somehow I made it through. I spent the time enjoying Celeste's stubborn honesty in the face of this large man's wrath. She was an impressive heroine!

While I didn't like one-half of the main characters, I enjoyed Forever His and hope to read more from Thacker and this series, but I do hope the rest of her heroes turn out to be easier to like. :)