Falling for His Best Friend - Katee Robert


When I finally cracked open the pages of Falling for His Best Friend I knew this would become a fast favorite, but I didn’t realize the characters would feel so familiar…until I realized I had met them before! So I went to Goodreads confused and noticed that I had tried to read book one, In Bed with Mr. Wrong in February 2014! Apparently I DNFed it and never tried to pick it up again. So now I am determined to pick it back up and see how it compares to Falling for His Best Friend. But moving on…
He rounded the corner and caught sight of her. Though he recognized that his brother and sister-in-law – and his new niece – were also sitting at the table, all he saw was his best friend

Like most Entangled read, this book began at a fast pace. Right off the bat I could tell this book would be the predictable friends-to-lovers romance novel that the title foretells I don’t go into a Brazen romance looking for that new genre bender that will shake the romance world for years to come, so this wasn’t a shocker or a letdown. So if that is what you are expecting of Falling for His Best Friends, you are looking in the wrong place (and probably the wrong imprint). I did have a blast with these characters and can’t wait to read more!


As you’ve probably gathered by this point, Drew and Avery are best friends…but you probably didn’t know they are the definition of co-dependence. They’ve been friends since they were sixth (if I remember correctly) and have leaned on one another through some extremely rough times. Avery and Drew would not be where they are if they didn’t have such a strong bond with one another.
“Who did you kill?”


“Seriously, whose body do you need help hiding a body in the woods?”

The confusion in his eyes cleared. “If I had to bury a body, I wouldn’t call your ass. Your damn jeep would probably break down in the middle of nowhere and we’d get stranded – and caught.”

Avery’s worldview is shifted when she hears news that she only has a short amount of time to have a kid before a scheduled hysterectomy will leave her unable to bear children. Months later she made up her mind: she doesn’t have the time to wait for Mr. Right, so she’ll do it in vitro.

One of the interesting things about Falling for His Best Friends is the cultural conflict that takes place between Avery’s strictly traditional full-Chinese grandparents and the fact that Avery and her sister had an American mother. I didn’t notice the issue it plays in the book right away, but as the book wore on, I noticed the tension more and more. It took a rather two-dimensional romance and added an interesting layer.


Drew’s mother died when he was young and his father was never the same again. He decided young that love would turn him into his father, and was determined to never commit to one woman.

Avery’s worldview is shifted when she hears news that she only has a short amount of time to have a kid before a scheduled hysterectomy will leave her unable to bear children. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the time to wait for Mr. Right to show up, so she decides to take things into her own hands and set up an appointment for in vitro.
“I’m not going to come in a cup and then have some doctor implant you with a turkey baster.”

“Um…that’s not exactly how it works.”

When Drew hears about her plan for single motherhood, he thinks she’s crazy but understands and volunteers to be the sperm donor. Except he has something else in mind when she explains the process of in vitro fertilization.

Because I found this quote hilarious, I talked to my mom (who works at an OB/GYN office) if this is actually possible and apparently, people have actually attempted this and got pregnant (usually lesbian couples who can’t afford a fertility clinic). Unfortunately, this is very unsafe for the baby and usually results in miscarriage and/or deformities. Long story short, best not to go the turkey baster way.

I have to say, I did enjoy Drew and Avery as main characters though they were either seriously misguided when they thought that attempting to have sex for the purpose of conception wouldn’t change the dynamics of their friendship. Personally, I’m thinking they’ve both individually had the hots for each other for so long that they didn’t fully think through how it would affect the future to go thru with it. On the plus side, they were both incredibly sexy and had some wicked fun sexy times. At one point, there are even handcuffs! I love when cops bust out the handcuffs when sexy times occur.


Even though Avery and Drew were rather unhealthily co-dependent on one another, I loved this book. I know it sounds cheesy to say, but it just says to me how these two are destined to be together forever because nobody else would put up with their weird relationship lmao.  Falling for His Best Friend was at times frustrating, but ultimately too cute (and hilarious, might I add) to hate. I will definitely get back to book one and will be on the lookout for more from Katee Robert!
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