Irresistible Force - D.D. Ayres

Have you ever requested a book to review from Netgalley and come to find out it's not the first book in a series? I have done this many times. (Is it really that difficult to put the book order number on the page??) This time I requested to review Force of Attraction, book 2 in the K-9 series so I went ahead and purchased the first book. While Irresistible Force wasn't my favorite read this week, it was cute in some places, and incredibly heated in others. I wound up enjoying this book so much I can't wait to dig in to Force of Attraction.

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3 reasons Irresistible Force is hard to resist

  • The most adorable reason: Bogart. This K-9 pup stole my heart from chapter one, from his heroic qualities that make him super protective of both Shay and James to his mischievous side that made me giggle - such as when he ate half the fried oysters when Shay wasn't looking. I kept wanting to simultaneously hug the overgrown pup and feed him lots of delicious treats.

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  • Shay was a fun heroine that could be hard to understand at times (like how she kept referring to her ex-bf-turned-rapist-turned-stalker as "harmless") but ultimately turned out to be a kick-ass, if a bit - okay, a lot, but she's got her reasons! - damaged heroine. She's also a character I would like to give lots of cuddles.
  • James was no less sexy than the cover will have you believe and he was pretty smart to use Bogart's love for Shay (and vice versa) in wooing the lady. After all, Shay gives 100% in her devotion to pets, but it's a lot harder for her to trust humans when all they have done her whole life was let her down. I found it cute and completely irresistible to watch James and Bogart woo her into falling in love with them both!

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This book may have been slow at places and predictable in others, but the steamy sex scenes completely make up for it ... and so did the character cuteness. Both James and Shay turned out to be so much more kick-ass than they thought in the end. I felt like I should have given them a standing ovation, but since it was 1 AM, I just laid in bed and soaked in such a satisfying happily ever after. It may not have been completely realistic, but what the hell I had a blast and will be reading Force of Attraction very soon!

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