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As a book reviewer I generally gravitate to novels that other bloggers have reviewed themselves, but in the case of Bright Before Sunrise I didn't go into it with pre-existing knowledge of popular opinion backing my decision. I hadn't really heard much of Tiffany Schmidt, either. I just took one look at the gorgeous cover and knew it was something I had to get my hands on.


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Before starting the book, all I really knew was that Bright Before Sunrise is another young adult, first person dual narrative of what happens between the two main characters Brighton and Jonah in the course of 24 hours. I haven't read many books that have taken place in only one night, and I was nervous that this would be another young adult insta-love disappointment.

Thankfully, the opposite turned out to be true. Bright Before Sunrise is a surprisingly emotional read about a girl trying to keep the past alive by taking on her dead father's persona, and about a boy struggling to live in the past by holding on to an already dead relationship.

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Brighton is a main character that showed tremendous growth throughout the novel. While it might not be realistic to grow so much in the course of the night, it was extremely fun to watch her go from a teenager girl willingly living in her father's shadow to stepping out of her comfort zone and take a chance on a boy who seems to hate everything that he thinks she is about.

At first, all a reader can tell is that she is the kind of girl who spends her whole life trying to please others. Her whole sense of self is rooted in her need to make everybody around her like her - and they do. But the farther along the book goes and the more Jonah learns about her, the more her personality shines through, though it is hidden behind a wall that is devoted to pleasing others and keeping them at arm's length. 

It was extremely hard not to fall for Brighton, but it was even more difficult to like Jonah. Jonah is angry at being forced to move from his home in Hamilton to Cross Pointe, a town filled well-to-do families he and every other Hamilton kid consider "snobby" because they have money. He doesn't bother to get to know anybody at his new school and then blames Cross Pointe for making him an outcast. Hello! In order for people to like you, you first have to acknowledge their existence. *rolls eyes* Turns out the only snobs in this book is the Hamilton crowd.

By the end of the novel Jonah is making progress in changing his character, but it's obvious his growth is baby steps in comparison to Brighton. However, that he admits he is in need of a personality change redeems him a lot in my eyes, and I wound up enjoying him a lot more by the time I finished Bright Before Sunrise.

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Bright Before Sunrise turned out to be a fast read. I finished it in the course of a night. I loved my first read by Tiffany Schmidt and am saddened that it is a stand alone novel and not a series. I would have loved to be invited back to Cross Pointe in the form of a sequel. I plan to read more from this author and recommend that other young adult romance readers give this novel a go.

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