The Night We Said Yes - Lauren Gibaldi


What can I say about The Night We Said Yes?

It was adorable.

It was very fast paced.

It was funny as hell.

It was adventurous! (But don’t try some of their drunk adventures at home.)

The characters were so easy to connect to, even though a few of them needed some sense knocked into their heads. But what teenager doesn’t?

It was sad in some parts, entertaining throughout. The Night We Said Yes was one of the cutest YA romances I’ve read all year. A few times, I wished that Ella would have put up more of a fight and presented a bigger challenge to Matt when he came back. I felt like he needed to plead for forgiveness a bit more, but that probably says something about me and not the author. :p

All-in-all I enjoyed the book and can see myself re-reading over and over. I’d recommend this book to readers looking for a fluffy, fast-paced summer read!
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