What We Saw at Night - Jacquelyn Mitchard

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What We Saw at Night should never have made my favorites list. It probably shouldn’t even be on my “like” list, because it just had so many problems. I didn’t like two of the main characters for most of the book (and still didn’t like one of them after I finished the book), I had to find the answer to a couple of my questions via context clues, and even then it’s just me guessing, the narrator barely stood up for herself, plus there’s that dratted love triangle. *sigh*

Somehow, I wound up rating this book four stars. Logically, I know it probably shouldn’t rate four stars, but this was one of those reads that hooked me, even though my feelings for this book is so up and down. Perhaps it hooked me because I could relate to the characters’ desire to be more than their disease, but I literally read this 200+ page book in one setting (if you don’t count pee and tea breaks). And since my ratings are mostly based on how much I was entertained, the four star rating stands.

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Out of all three main characters I had a soft spot for Allie. She of the three was most developed and grew as the book wore on. At first she was whinny and let the other two (especially Juliet) walk all over her. I was so proud of her when she finally learned to not take their shit and to stand up for herself. I just wish she communicated more – I wish they all communicated more. That was one of my major annoyances with What We Saw at Night.

Rob. I think I hated this kid more than I did the manipulative, lying Juliet. For one, he never really apologizes to Allie for treating her like crap, she just has her own epiphanies and grows past the several ways Rob broke her heart, but he never really says anything. I basically had to fill in my own reasons for why he would realize how important she is.

And what I really don’t understand is how either Allie or Rob could ever forgive Juliet – even though they finally learn the reasons for her weirdness and betraying ways, she still believes a bad, bad man (I want to say more but spoilers!) over her supposed best friend. Not only that, but she goes out of her way to make her best friend look crazy to their other best friend, just so Allie won’t accidentally uncover her secrets. Sure, I realized she’s “troubled” but she’s definitely not a good best friend.

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What We Saw at Night turned out to be a surprisingly original read. I definitely didn’t see the ending coming, so that worked in the book's favor. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Rob and Allie learn to communicate better and that the next book isn’t nearly so up and down with my emotions. If you like emotional, heartbreaking, mysterious reads, you might enjoy this one.

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