The Collector - Nora Roberts

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The first thoughts that came to me when I finally finished The Collector were along the lines of, “That’s it. I’ve found my higher calling. I’m going to travel the world and house-sit for rich people, take an artist as my lover, and have him/her paint me in emeralds while solving an international mystery.” So maybe I’m asking for too much (especially since I’m more of a homebody than a world traveler), but this book was such an adventure that I want to experience what they did – except the murder of family and friends and the bone-shaking fear. That wouldn’t be much fun at all.

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Lila Emerson is a woman with a serious case of wanderlust. She dampens her thirst for travel by house-sitting for the wealthy, and makes a living writing young adult novels with werewolves as main characters. She makes friends with everyone and can fix pretty much everything, how could I not enjoy such a charming heroine? She has a penchant for people watching that is just amusing – until she spies (she would be considered a peeping tom if she weren’t so attractive and female) a woman being pushed out a window. It’s crazy how fast her already adventurous life becomes an international mystery.

Not only did I enjoy Lila, but I pretty much fell in love with Ashton. He’s the eldest of 12 step-and-half siblings and the man his family comes to with a problem. He’s a successful painter that creates beautiful, feminist artworks. Not only is he a successful artist, he’s just as good at getting what he wants – and what he wants is Lila. It’s funny to watch him subtly arrange things in a way that makes others think it’s their idea. He’s manipulative when he needs to be, but he generally does it because he’s so good at taking care of other people. Funnily enough, this is a personality trait that he finds attractive in Lila. It’s obvious they are meant to be together, now he just has to convince Lila before I snatch him up myself while they are searching for his brother’s killer. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

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The Collector was another brilliant stand-alone written by the first adult romance writer I was ever introduced to. I loved the suspense and the international adventure that takes them to Florence, Italy. I’m a huge fan of art-theft type mysteries with historical intrigue and this one was delightful. I may weary of her trilogies, but Roberts always creates an epic romantic suspense! Cannot wait to read her newest Putnam release, The Liar.

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