Dark Witch - Nora Roberts
Dear Readers,

Nora Roberts latest trilogy, The Cousins’ O’Dwyle, officially completed in October 2014. I first read Dark Witch not long after the release date, and completely forgot all about it. Soon after reading a fellow blogger’s review of the third book, I quickly snapped up the first two books from the library, and placed the third on hold, eager to re-enter the world of Roberts for the first time in months. Since the only thing I remembered about Dark Witch was the name and the author, it was as if I was reading it for the first time.

Despite misgivings for the repetitive nature of Nora Robert’s trilogies, I responded eagerly to this semi-new mixture of contemporary romance and centuries old supernatural ability, and stayed up well past my bedtime (A//N: this is me pretending to be a normal person. I can’t actually get to sleep without the help of my neuro’s trusty prescription pad) to finish this.


What I about Dark Witch

01. No matter how many times Nora Roberts overuses passionate, strong, and impatient heroines, I always respond well to heroines like Iona. It doesn’t help that she is so adorable when she’s flustered and I just want to sympathetically stuff a sock into her mouth to shut her up hug her. J

02. The best thing about Roberts’ paranormal-themed contemporaries is that her imagery really does come alive, especially the ones set around Ireland. It gives the overly-familiar plot a boost and allows me to become fully immersed in the book. It’s so easy to feel like I’m a part of the novel, not someone on the sidelines looking in.

03. The way Roberts incorporates the story of the first Dark Witch's sacrifice from the 1200s into the first few chapters of the book (what most authors would usually condense into a prologue) was fun and surprisingly different than most of her other trilogies (as far as I can remember, let me know if I’m wrong). Not only did it give us clearer character development on the first Dark Witch and her children from which Branna, Connor, and Iona are directly descended, it felt like they were main characters too, just born hundreds of years before the present-tense descents. In a way, it gave the story added dimension that it clearly needed.

What I didn’t about Dark Witch

01. While I continue to enjoy everything she writes, it’s all starting to feel a little like she’s taking old story lines, characters, settings, etc. and mixing and matching to create a new trilogy. Am I the only person who feels this way?
I’ve been a fan of Nora Roberts since I picked up my first romance book. For the longest time, I thought her a romance goddess. I still think she’s a crazy writing machine, but the rose tinted glasses are losing their sheen.

02. In Dark Witch alone, I found similarities to her Sign of Seven, Gallaghers of Ardmore, and Three Sisters Island . . . Not to mention those old Irish anthologies that I can’t seem to recall the names to.

03. The characters and setting aren’t the only thing getting overused around here. I can literally predict how each romance she writes is going to go down. This makes me sad, because I don’t seem to get that contact high from the romance in her books anymore.
Before all you Nora Roberts fans start questioning my loyalty, I’m obviously still entertained by what I’m reading, but I can’t seem to be the only fan that thinks she could put a whole hella lot more elbow grease into her bestsellers.

(A//N: *dodges rotten tomatoes* *whines* C’mon, guys, it had to be said! Some authors have to put some effort into their books to make the bestseller list. I’m just saying.)
Regardless of my negative opinions, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy Dark Witch and I definitely plan to continue the trilogy . . . I just wish the romance was a lot less predictable and a lot more sexy. After all, I am a romance junkie, and I didn’t get much of a contact high from the romance in Dark Witch.

Ah, well. This book did make me want to book a trip to Ireland, stay in a big ole fancy castle, and fall head over heels in lust with a pretty Irish man. So that’s a plus, right?


♡One Curvy Roberts Fan
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