The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 1 - Hotaru Odagiri
In which one curvy blogger reviews her favorite style of graphic novel!

man·ga ˈmäŋ-gə

: a japanese comic book or graphic novel

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Dear Readers,

The Betrayal Knows My Name first caught my eye because of it’s size. Most manga serials are these tiny books that I can read in thirty minutes to an hour, which is really no fun unless you have the series on hand. I’m glad I thought to check this one out, because I had a great time reading it.

As much as I enjoyed reading The Betrayal Knows My Name, the way it was published was a tad confusing – even more so than manga generally is. The chapters are called stories in this comic and so I started to take notes on each individual story instead of the book as a whole, until I realized the “stories” are just chapters. If you decide you want to try this book out, just keep that in mind.

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The Betrayal Knows My Name is a book about Yuki Sakurai, an orphan who is just finding out that he is of the Giou clan, a family of special powers that are re-incarnated every hundred years or so to battle demons and to keep them from taking over Earth.

Yuki Sakurai

❤ Freshman in high school

❤ Has lived in an orphanage since he was a newborn, left on the steps like an unwanted puppy

❤ Can’t stand to live without being needed by others

❤ Consumed by the worry that he might be a burden on others

❤ He has “the Light of the God” the ability to heal and absorb wounds and sins – very physically draining

❤ He was female in his previous lives!
“Zess” aka Luka Crosszeria

❤ A high-level duras working with the Giou clan to stop the duras from taking over Earth

❤ Considered a traitor to his kind and very powerful

❤ Super protective of Yuki

❤ Intimidating to everybody besides Yuki, Yuki is the only person unafraid of Luka’s lineage

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While I had a blast reading The Betrayal Knows My Name, the action scenes were kind of a letdown, especially when Luka used his demon spells in battle against other duras. It just came off as lame and unoriginal, instead of exciting and fun. Besides the battle scenes, I did get a kick out of reading the abnormally long comic, and I’m excited to see what happens between Yuki and Luka in book two! The book turns out to be surprisingly funny and very cute - and who knows, maybe the action will get better as well!


Fingers crossed for boy on boy kisses!

♥One Curvy Blogger
*Shounen Ai = Similar to Yoai (boyxboy), but less explicit and focuses on romance and less on sexThis review was originally posted on One Curvy Blogger