You're Lion - Celia Kyle
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You're Lion is an example of how a sequel/novella can crash and burn if the author isn't careful. I so loved Maya and Alex in book one, and I couldn't wait to see how they would respond to Maya's newly discovered pregnancy. Unfortunately, this addition was pretty much a disaster, and I DNF'ed 40% in. Here are a few unfortunate reasons You're Lion did not impress this curvy gal:
  • The funny snark from book one took over this novella. It got to the point where I was rolling my eyes every time Maya said or thought something "witty." I'm as big a fan of snark as the next humor loving gal, but there comes a point where it can become too much and negatively affect the story.
  • There was so much rambling I could barely keep up. It's one thing to have a character with attention issues, it's another thing entirely when the author can't edit herself. It became a huge issue when I could barely keep up with not only the characters thought process, but the author's voice.
  • When she wasn't switching from one topic to the next, Kyle was taking up precious paragraphs to overly describe things like GYN visits and paper gowns. No woman needs that much description about a GYN visit. We've all had them and I certainly don't need or want chapters dedicated to describing them in detail. I have my horror stories - I don't need new ones.

I am so disappointed in You're Lion. I absolutely loved the first in the series. How could Kyle go so wrong? I'm struggling with the curiosity to pick up book two (if this mini Alex and Maya story was just a fluke) or to move on to better books. No matter how the next in this series turns out, I don't encourage anyone to pick this one up. It's short, but anything from sweet - spend your money elsewhere!

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