The Headmaster - Tiffany Reisz
Bare with my as this is sure to be a horrible review. I have such a hard time reviewing Tiffany Reisz books, because her writing is just so out of my league. Although her works are mostly hardcore erotica, they are what I would consider literary fiction (or literary friction, as she calls it), and that is just not a genre I’m very familiar with. My interests are generally aimed towards trashy romance novels.

I DNFed a book recently for too much description. I see the way you are looking me. You’re thinking, “WTF is this woman talking about? How could you possibly have too much description? Well, you can. I’m not saying I’m a great editor or anything. (My blog posts are usually riddled with typos… That’s what spell check is for, or editing plugins.), but it felt as if the author’s philosophy was to cram as many adjectives in one sentence, and then her book would become a five-star read. Uh… no.

I spent the 30 minutes I tried to read this book (okay fifteen – I’m impatient) trying to figure out why the hell the author was using smart adjectives describing her character’s garbage. I kid you not. (Dear new and upcoming authors PLEASE DO NOT DESCRIBE THE CONTENTS OF YOUR CHARACTERS TRASH CAN. This is not cool. Plus, I could have been eating!)

Anyways, the point of this frantic rambling is that great authors can pack a punch without taking 15 minutes to describe garbage… They can take one sentence and make me crave more. One of those author’s is Tiffany Reisz. She is the Mistress of dramatically endings without over-dramatic flair, and still makes me gasp. She knows how to use words wisely, which is probably why so many read her books, even people who have never been a fan of erotica.

The Headmaster takes place in a school all book junkies would love to attend (or just fans of a popular English boy wizard series). According to Gwen, the school sports cobblestone walkways, turrets and stone walls that “was far more evocative of a medieval fortress” than a small high school. If the William Marshal Academy boasted floating stairways and was coed instead of a boys-only *sob* boarding school, it would be the muggles version of Hogwarts.

“A leader is simply one who leads, and a bad leader can lead an army into hell. I want these boys to be heroic, brave, and wise.“

Another reason to fall madly in love with this school? The focus is on the arts and becoming a perfect gentleman above academics and sports. These students read and act out Shakespeare – for fun! I wanna go to this school…

The book is Gothic and mysterious and perfect for Halloween. It wasn’t scary, but somehow gave me chills.

I’ve noticed in earlier books, and even this one, that all of Reisz’s characters have personality. from the waitress, to the students, I could totally see these characters having their own books. I would especially love a YA series with the students from this school, provided she provides an alternative ending.

In the case of Gwen and Edwin, I probably love them too much. I certainly spent enough time gushing over them.

“He was broad-shouldered. He had black hair peppered with grey and wore silver-rimmed eyeglasses on his strong-jawed and handsome face. He looked no more than forty, but every day of forty.”

Edwin represents every teacher I have ever crushed on. He’s the gentlemen every mama would love, and every woman would want – okay, every woman not chasing after men in leathers. He’s very loyal to the boys, and treats them like his kids… (You’ll find out part of the reason at the end **hint** and it will make you sob.) He’s also an uppercase God in bed, on desks, up against walls… He’s the gentlemen version of Soren, without the blood and sadism. Well, without most of the sadism.

If I crushed on Edwin, I fell head over heals for Gwen. In my head, Gwen is Nora without the red riding crop, except she devours books instead of writes them. She desires teaching kids, owns a sassy mouth, and a wickedly sexy mind. She knows she wants Edwin the moment she opens her eyes in his bedroom, and she works her ass of chasing wooing him.

If I could give this story a higher rating, it would probably be 20 stars out of 5. I will definitely be re-reading it and waiting patiently for a free short story starring two certain school boys from this book… ;) This was the perfect Halloween – or anytime – story for any romance lover.


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