Fun With Dick and Shane - Gillibran Brown
You can tell a book is good when a person completely out of her comfort zone gives it a five star. No, no, this is not my erotic story with gay main characters. It's not even my first gay ménage. It is, however, my first foray into BDSM non-fiction/memoir. I love that it's just like a dairy for Gil. It makes it feel fictional, which is way easier to connect with a story (for me at least.) I loved how much Gil and I seem to have similar -bad- habits, it was easy for me to become attached (wow, self-centered, much?). I'm a super big fan of Dick... I've always been a fan of cuddly Dom's who know when to sooth and also torture their little subs (admit it, it's dealing sexy, no matter how evil). Didn't really connect as much with Shane, but I will continue the series and maybe he and the other characters will grow :)