Beast Behaving Badly - Shelly Laurenston

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4.5 stars

So far I have read eight out of nine of the book’s in Shelly Laurenston’s Pride series. Out of all eight books, I still have not managed to find to just one character that is more entertaining as Blayne and Bo as a couple. I mean, there are some outstandingly hilarious characters in this series, but these two take the cake. The thing that makes this hybrid shifter coupe so great is that they are both extreme opposites.

Reasons why Bold Novikov aka “Bo” Might Maim You

If you mess with his schedule.
If you mess with his lists, watches, organizational systems.
If you get between him and his puck. (There may be an artery repair crew waiting in the wings, but you will bleed and it will not be pleasant.)
If you make him late for anything, but especially not training, pool time, ice time or meetings.
If you get in his way. Ever.

Bo is the most feared and revered pro-hockey player in the entire shifter hockey league. He’s hated by everyone he plays with or against. The only people who don’t hate him are the fans, but even they get beat up on occasion. And Blayne of course! (Though the first time she met him she thought he was a serial killer out to kill her and mutilate her corpse, so…)

Reasons why Blayne Thorpe is all wrong for Bo

She wears broken watches because they are pretty.
She is either very late or very early, but never on time.
She is a crazy wolfdog with absolutely no focus.
She couldn’t stick to a schedule if it was stapled to her forehead.
She’s a hoarder of trash and well… everything.
She sobs at the drop of a hat… mostly to get her way.
She adopts stray animals and people. And she loooves to “fix” them.
She might even be more dangerous than Bo, himself.

Can you see why they would make the worst couple? And yet they make the CUTEST couple! Weirdest, but so cute. This book had be bursting with laughter at the worst of times, but damn I really could not put it down! Beast Behaving Badly was so much fun! If you love a silly paranormal romance, why haven’t you tried the Pride series yet??