Smoking Holt - Sabrina York

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I agree, Ms. York. . . Holt is smoking! And very kinky. Which is always a plus.

I don’t normally stumble on a sexy book, began reading, and then realize it’s BDSM fiction. It was a happy surprise that this book turned out to be deliciously kinky. However, I do wish I’d realized it was part of a series before I requested it. I’m anal enough to hate starting in the middle of a series, even if each individual novel is a stand-alone, so prepare yourselves to see more reviews from the Tryst Island series from me! I’m interested in finding out how the first two compare to Smoking Holt.

I felt an instant connection with Bella, and a prompt attraction to Holt. The plot isn’t terribly complex and it can be a tad bit predictable, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. The only thing that bugged me is the no closure I felt towards Bella and Kristie’s relationship. As they’ve both found they’re happily-ever-afters, it seems like the author should have addressed how their relationship is doing before ending the story. Whatever complaints I have about the siblings, I enjoyed this book. I predict a new favorite author in my future!

Every conversation, every interaction with Bella was like a battle for domination. It stood to reason making love with her would be the same.

Holt provided substantial evidence that my theory about doms being part devil and part sex god. Bella spent sixty percent of this novel thinking up clever ways to castrate Holt in his sleep. The man is freaking scary when he comes up with unique ways to torture his bratty sub. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. At the same time, Holt has his own insecurities about whether Bella is just in it for the sex, or if she’d be open to a monogamous relationship with him. It’s nice to see doms can be human, too. They fuck up, they get angry, and they have their own insecurities. Sabrina York did a great job of relaying that message. Congrats, I am now obsessed.

There’s just something so hot about a bratty sub. Not the "let’s-stir-up-drama-and-fuck-up-other-people’s-relationships" type of bratty sub, but the kind that has an attitude and enjoys letting people see it There is nothing more unattractive than a doormat. Thankfully, Bella is the completely opposite of a doormat. She was absolutely fun to read about.

She was good at being a brat. She kind of liked that he was encouraging it.

I loved loved loved this book. I recommend this book to anyone interest in happily-ever-afters with a side of whips, floggers, and insertable eggs.

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