Iced - Karen Marie Moning
Have I mentioned how much I hate cliff hangers?

Okay, I loved this book. Despite the abundance of pedos, this book entertained me like no other. (Mostly because I was busy laughing at how ridiculous it is...). I just LOVE Dani, and I think that's why I loved this book. Christian is creepy and clearly going insane, but I'd like to see more of him. If he makes it out alive, that is. Ryodan... Is an asshole and I'm pretty sure he's "dating" Jo just so Dani will stick around. Because, honestly, how important is Jo in the scheme of things? And we all know Ryodan doesn't waste time.

Eagerly waiting book 2 where, hopefully, Dani is older so Ryodan and Christian's hard-ons for Dani don't make me cringe.

Ps. Why the hell is book two coming out on 2015? That's like three years later!