Simply Irresistible - Jill Shalvis
Dear Curvy Readers,

Simply Irresistible is about three very different women who find themselves back in the town their mother fell in love with and lived out the rest of her life, Lucky Harbor. They each have different fathers, and in many ways resembled their hippie mother.  Maddie "the Mouse" is Phoebe's middle child, and the child who spent the less amount of time with their mother. When she comes to Lucky Harbor to claim her inheritance with her other siblings, she's the only one who wants to stay and make the best of the shambling inn.

What I ❤ about Simply Irresistible

  • Lucky Harbor is a small town we'd all love to visit! It has unique characters, faithful friends, and a few hotties to make life more enjoyable. ;)
  • Maddie is an easy main character to connect with, because a lot of readers can see a small part of themselves in her. She breaks off an abusive relationship with her lawyer boyfriend and decides to give her life a makeover starting with her pushover attitude. She’s the nicest of her sisters, a homemaker, and anything but a pushover.
  • Jax is a heart throb that has a really nice hard on for Maddie He’s an ex-lawyer, the current mayor of Lucky Harbor, a contractor that wears a sexy tool belt and is co-owner of almost all the business in Lucky Harbor. Basically, he likes to dip his fingers in all kinds of pie. . . But most of all, he likes dipping his fingers in Maddie’s pie. *wink* *giggle* (sorry I had to!)

Simply Irresistible was a cozy yet steamy read that many romance junkies would come to love if they simply gave it a chance.


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