Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins
I've not been much of a fan of the young adult genre lately. The last few YA books I read were superficial and unappealing and just out me off the entire genre. I was in a YA slump and it was my own fault. I've been promising myself I would read this for the better part of a year, but I kept putting it off. Who would have thought within the first couple of pages I would be in love with this book? Not me, that's for sure.

Did anyone catch how much Anna's dad sounded like Nicholas Sparks? Was the author insulting NS intentionally? Almost every Nicholas Sparks book ends with one of the man characters dead, and usually from a life threatening disease. His books have become the quentisential cliche of the romance world and that's pretty much Anna's dad right there.

I'm in love with Anna. She's witty and sarcastic; she's just my kind of gall. I liked St. Claire as well, but if wanted to knock him around a bit for the way he played Anna from the beginning. He didn't make her any promises, but it was noticeable how attracted he was for her. He didn't even make a move to brake up with his girlfriend until Anna exploded and made it pretty known how much she cared about him. Maybe it was logical for him to wait until he knew without a doubt she liked him as much as he liked her, but it was also cowardly. In the end he pretty much redeemed himself when he admitted he was an idiot, so I forgave him. Mostly. It helps that he's just so dang cute.

I liked that neither Anna nor St. Claire were perfect. In fact, none of these characters are. Stephanie Perkins did a great job of writing an accurate story that a reader would want to read. Hell, I wanted to go to this school! The plot was enjoyable, the characters were addicting, and the email interactions were just plain fun. I would so re-read this (in fact, I've already done so once) and recommend it to any fan of YA contemporary romance.