Lick - Kylie Scott
I'm one of those weirdos who are afraid to try a new series by a favorite author. If it sucks I'll be disappointed for the rest of my life and would probably never pick up another book by him/her ever again! I'd just feel so betrayed. I was very glad and relieved that I didn't hate this book.

From the beginning the book sounded cheesy and a little over the top, but I gave it a try anyways. Evelyn is sober enough to get married to David, but not enough to remember she got married until she wakes up and pukes on her new hubby. Kinda funny, but I was thinking, wtf almost all the way through the book.

I liked Evelyn and David as characters, but things were way dramatic between the two in certain parts. When Evelyn spies David and his ex kissing, when David realizes Evelyn doesn't remember him or their wedding day; It's all blown to epic proportions. Yeah, it's a little amusing. Realistic? Not so much. (If you're thinking, "but it's fiction, it doesn't have to be realistic," I'm going to hurt you in my mind.) The drama was so annoying, I wanted to smack them and be like, "CALM DOWN!"

All-in-all, I'm sad to say it wasn't a favorite for me. I much prefer her zombie stories, but I'm definitely looking forward to the next book in the series. I was greatly amused by the band itself, and as a lover of band romance, I'd love to delve deeper into the series. And hopefully I'll fall in love with book two!

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