Bare It All - Lori Foster
I just want to point out that if I were less of a book nerd, I would have given this book a five star review just because of the yummy man on the cover and the amazingly hot title. However, this book was so fantabulous that I didn't have to add stars for the sexiness of the cover. (I really wouldn't do that, I'd feel way too guilty.)
Anyways, I'm so glad I re-read BARE IT ALL. I had completely forgotten most of the book, and didn't even realize the plot is almost a spin off of Trace's book, TRACE OF FEVER, in the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series. Remember that series? Remember those men? Remember the amazingly hot sex? I do! *drool*

However, for this series, I seemed to have trouble remembering anything. How could I completely forget (or maybe I didn't even realize) that Alice was the Alice in TRACE OF FEVER? Oh yeah, I'm an idiot.

I mean, I started this series back when book one, RUN THE RISK, first came out. I have pretty much forgotten that book too. So now that I'm completely, head-over-heels in love with GETTING ROWDY, I'ts safe to say that I'm starting the series over. Backwards, apparently.

Getting back to the *REVIEW* portion of this review, I really didn't realize just how adorable Alice was until I made the best decision ever and decided to re-read this book. She's so cute in her attraction to Reece. She's so obviously inexperienced but very very eager to please, and that makes her hell-of-a-lot more attraction. And just about blows Reece's head off... both of them. *grins cheekily*

Alice is one of those characters that don't realize just how sexy she is, but anyone can tell is has more to do with her hellish "stay" with the human traffickers than anything, so you can't expect me to fault her for that, can you? She really is one of the most amazing fictional characters I've ever met (read?). Seriously, I would marry this woman. You know, if I were attracted to women.

One thing I love about Lori Foster is that the male character is always hot, protective, and oh-so manly. Obviously, her stories aren't always very realistic, but

A. It's fiction.
B. It's ROMANTIC fiction, so when is it ever realistic?
C. I don't care.

So no man in real life ever really matches up to a man in a Lori Foster book, but who the heck cares? Reece is a sexy cop that will stop at nothing to make sure his heroic and danger-attracting Alice is safe. Even if it means using some colorful techniques to pry information out of her. But turn about is fair play, right? *hint hint*
Now that I've re-read BARE IT ALL, I can see why people are so in love with this series. The first time reading book one and two didn't interest me as much, but now it's more than grown on me. I think we can all agree that Ms. Foster knows sex, and even better, knows hot to write it. It's become an addiction for me; so READ this book if you want to be addicted to sexy detectives that are even sexier when the lights go out, and things get down to business.

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