Getting Rowdy - Lori Foster
Please excuse any rambling you may find while reading this review, my mind was all jumbled this at 12:30 last night, but I just had to get this review written down on paper!

Going in, I expected to like this book, but not love it. The first two books in the series were great, but they weren't my favorite books by Lori Foster. So you can understand why it was so surprising to me that I fell in love with this book from the moment Avery walked in on Rowdy receiving a BJ in his office. Which, if you haven't read GETTING ROWDY, is how the book begins.

Over the years, l've noticed Lori Foster never starts with a boring intro, or even just eases a reader into the story. Something is always going on, which is something I'm extremely grateful for. I can get distracted by other books very easily, but no way was I diverted today. I had my head stuck in the book at every available moment. I even missed a new episode of PAWN STARS for this! That is how much I loved the book. (If you didn't know, I have a serious addiction to that show. It's the history buff in me.)

Rowdy is a beefcake in a sea of hungry lady fish and everyone wants a nibble! All he really wants to nibble on is Avery, but since she won't give it up (you go girl!), why not sample the other fish in the sea? The easy fish. Is it so bad that he takes these ladies up on their offer every once in awhile? Especially when Avery won't have him? Yes. Yes it is, Rowdy! Okay, so it was amusing to read about, but poor Avery has to have it all flaunted in her face. And you wonder why she won't sex with you, Rowdy. *grumbles*

But... like a good LF heroine, Avery eventually gives it up. Bahaha, just kidding guys, she does makes him work for it! And when they finally hit the sheets, let me just say.... HOT DAMN. That could actually be said before they get horizontal, too. There is sexual tension everywhere in this book, and it is hawt.

Sex and hot guys aside, the ending is a pleasant surprise for me. Usually I can predict an ending pretty easily. When you've been reading for such long a long time, things can become a little predictable. I had the ending all figured out, and then Ms. Foster snatched my feet right out from under me! I love that she can still leave me shocked after all the years I've been reading her books.

If you like suspense and all things sexy and male, this is the book for you. I may just re-read the first two books in the series and see how much I like them now, verses before my new Rowdy addiction.

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