The Mane Event - Shelly Laurenston
5 Stars

The Pride series is a series I often go back to when I don't want to read review books, or I'm just in a slump. Laurenston's books are funny and sexy, and always get me in the mood... for reading, of course. ;) The Mane Event features the first two books (or rather, novellas) in the series, and introduces us to the main characters that the series will be featuring.

Christmas Pride - five stars

I admit it took me a few months to strum up the courage to buy this book. I wasn't the hugest fan of shifter romances, after quitting the Anita Blake series (I don't want to talk about it. -.-) Thankfully, Laurenston and Laurell K. Hamilton aren't even in the same ballpark. Laurenston is laugh out loud funny, and her books get sexier in every book. She excels at keeping a reader entertained, throughout all her books, no matter the size of the series. I absolutely loved this story; she pulled me into the story, and kept me intrigued until the end.

Another great thing about this author is the character development. They are all well-rounded, to the point I kept thinking, damn, I hope all these characters get their own story! You either hate these characters, you love them, and you may even want to bash a chair over their head and boss them around, but there's never a blah moment. I don't know about you guys, but the one thing I hate is not feeling anything for the characters in a book. What's the point of reading a book and having zero connection? There is no point, and I'm glad I don't have this problem with Mace, Dez, or any of the characters. In fact, I may have a mild obsession with most of them. Hehe.. *ahem*

“Cats attach themselves to one person.” He raised his head to glare at Smitty. “We just don’t let them know.”

Mace and Dez have known each other since high school, and secretly crushed on one another for just as long. Twenty years later, when Mace leaves the Navy and comes back home, he realizes Dez has moved back to New York, and achieved her dreams of becoming a police detective. His love for her has grown over the years, and his plan to hunt her down and make her fall for him has just got easier... Or has it? Anytime he tries to spell out his feelings for her, she flees. To say she has commitment issues would be putting it mildly. Unfortunately for Dez, Mace is a "tricky cat" and no isn't a word in his vocabulary.

“My family moved, Mace. To Queens. My sisters and I went to a different school. I assure you it was nothing personal.” He stared at her. “It wasn’t!”

Mace is so cute in his adoration for Dez. Okay, he's cute regardless. At times I can see he's literally a cat marking his ownership, and he's jealous (in a cute way, not in a creepy, manipulative way) of any attention she shows to others, even her pets. . .much like a real cat would act. I like that the shape shifters in this series have real characteristics of the animals they shift into. I've run across many a shape shift novel where the characters just seem like regular Joes, until they grow hair and claws. He's also a gentleman, and incredibly ungentlemanly in bed.

“I don’t like to be fucked with, Llewellyn.” “Then you shouldn’t bend over and hand me the lube.”

Dez. . . She's the kinda woman I crush over. She's extremely direct, kinda dangerous, and downright sexy. Plus, she shares a chocolate love that gave me wide hips. I dig this women so hard, plus I like that she's just as troublesome as Mace is, making them an entertaining couple. It's also nice to see that the woman is dragging her heels at commitment, instead of the man. :]

All-in-all, this story gave me a love for Shelly Laurenston, and started my attraction to humorous paranormal romance books.

Shaw's Tail - five stars

If there are any doubters claiming that Christmas Pride is Laurenston's one hit wonder, Shaw's Tail proved them wrong. I fell more in love with the characters, especially Brendon who I was curious about in the first story. The writing is as brilliant as ever, and I was super excited about Ronnie and how she interacts with her big, overprotective brothers - one of my favorite familial themes in romance.

Shaw's Tail is the story of how Ronnie Lee Reed, Sissy's best friend and cohort, nurses Brendon Show back to health after he deadly beating by a pack of sketchy lions (yeah, you heard me. Lions.) Brendon was contracted to breed two children with the Llewellyn Pride, and created two wild, rambunctious children (that I can't wait to read more about!). Because the pride is all kind of fucked up, nobody came and visited him in the hospital, so Ronnie was ordered to stay with him until he got released. She didn't bet on him coming down with the shifter fever, (which heals badly hurt shifters and ultimately makes them horny nuisances until they are fever-free) and wrecking havoc on New York City... and her panties.

There were rock stars with cleaner pasts than her and Sissy.

Ronnie Lee Reed is a fun she-wolf to have as a main character. She's trying so hard to settle down and stop getting into trouble, but it's a difficult task to carry out while babysitting feverish lions who can't keep it in their pants. Plus, he's crazy sexy and can keep up with her kinky sexual needs, which include some very hot roleplaying that may or may not involve a Catholic school-girl uniform. What's a she-wolf to do, but to keep him around until she gets bored?

Ronnie’s head tilted to the side. Is he…? Yup. He was doing the mambo. Paws crossing over paws. Head bopping to the beat. Thick, regal mane waving in the cold December air. He actually wasn’t too bad. For a big cat doing the mambo.

While I loved Ronnie and her outrageous--sometimes illegal--sense of fun, I crushed hard on Brendon... He's just too cute not to fangirl over. Seriously, Laurenston, what's with the cute men? I want them all to myself... I don't mind cooking, cleaning, and satisfying all of their urges... as long as they do the same for me! *ahem* Moving on... He's über sensual, but also really silly. He made me giggle and made me horny. What else could a girl ask for?

This book was freaking awesome. I strongly urge all shape shifter/paranormal romance junkies to pick this book up. It's totally worth the laughs, awes, and sex - and the kindle version is pretty damn cheap, too!

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