Rising Tides - Nora Roberts
Ethan wasn't my favorite character in this series, but his and Grace's book was very enjoyable and had it's own part to play in the Quinn/Chesapeake Bay Saga.

Ethan is what I would call the Tall, Dark, and Silent type. It's not that he doesn't speak, but he doesn't feel the need to fill the air with words like some people would. He's content to work in silence or just soak up the lakeside air. And even though he may not be as approachable as his brother Cam is, or even Phillip, he always surprises a laugh out of me.

He is also one of the most clueless men I have ever read on paper (I've met some fairly clueless men in person, most of them family members) , especially when it came to women. He compared Grace to a HORSE! I realize he was trying to compliment her long, sexy legs, but, seriously, why not a gazelle? I mean a horse?!? No woman wants to be compared to a horse.

Grace was an intriguing character. My original interest in RISING TIDES stems from my curiosity about she and Seth's relationship, and now I can see why he has such a big crush on her. She's so sweet, caring, and little bit naive. Okay, a lot naive. There were a lot of "poor, deluded Grace" moments for me, but she wasn't annoying like a lot of whinny contemporary chicks these days (*cough* Bella).

My favorite character in RISING TIDES, hands down, was Aubrey, Grace's toddler. She's just the most adorable little kid ever. I'd keep her as a pet if I could. Would it be wrong to keep a kid as a pet? Probably.

This book might not have been my favorite, but it was a great read that I wouldn't mind re-reading again sometime. If you're into the whole family saga/drama thing, or hell, just a fan of Nora Roberts, check out this series. I absolutely loved it, maybe you will too!

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