Eat Play Lust - Tawna Fenske

Many thanks to Night Owl Reviews for an ARC copy to read and review.

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At first I thought the story would be this hip, contemporary romance that I'd fall in love with. At least I wasn't completely wrong. The pace was slow at first, and the story seemed to be going nowhere, but it picked up fairly quickly, so I can't complain too much.

It's fun to read a book and learn new things. Never let it be said fiction is a waste of time and that you can't learn anything from fiction. I'd never heard of paddle boarding until Eat, Play, Lust. It sounds fun. Crazy, but fun!

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Paul: As a gourmet chef, Paul is food obsessed chef with high cholesterol and a not-so-little crush on his yoga instructor. He's so cute when he babbles. He does this thing where he gets so flustered around Cami that he runs off on tangents that tend to end with awkward innuendos that make me chuckle.

Cami: Unfortunately, she has a food obsession, too—a bad obsession with tater tots. As much as she's attracted to the handsome, funny yoga student, she knows they aren't exactly a match made in heaven. Cami is fit, toned, and unhappy with her life. She lusts after her favorite student as well, but knows nothing can come out of a relationship with a gourmet cook obsessed with good food, when she can't help her love for greasy, fattening tater tots.

Sounds like a five star read, right? Eh. All I can really say is, "eh." Sure, the book sounds fun, laid back, and light, but it sounds like something I've read a hundred times. I enjoyed Eat, Play, Lust enough to read the entire book (so what if it was only around fifty pages, I finished!), but I didn't love it, and don't plan on re-reading. This is a good book to pick up in between heavy reads. It's an escape from those emotional reads that keep you up all night crying, but it isn't a five star read sure to leave you with a book hangover that makes a book memorable.

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