Men & Cats - Marie-Eva Gatuingt, Alice Chaygneaud

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---- If you click the link above you get sneak peeks at some of the yummy pictures in Men & Cats ;) ----

I was so excited when I was contacted about receiving a copy of Men & Cats for review. I mean, how could I resist such an exciting opportunity?

Do you ever get tired of looking at pictures of sexy half-dressed men and adorable internet kitties? If your answer is yes then Men & Cats is probably not the book for you. But if you could spend hours sifting through sexy half-naked male models and pretty felines doing evil, funny, and/or cute things then you should definitely keeping reading!

Each time you turn the page, there is a yummy man-candy on the left side and a cute kitty counterpart on the right. My only critique is that there is so much white space that could have been utilized in the placing of the pictures. It seems like a waste when the pictures would have looked yummy blown up as well. I could be wrong – I’m not exactly an expert, but it just seems like a waste. :)

How can you resist these yummy photos? My all-time favorite is the coffee shot. I honestly can’t say which one is more yum, the kitty or the man…. Mmmm!

Intrigued? You’ll have to buy the book if you want more! Men & Cats would make a great gift for the holidays and it is a book you’ll want to show off! I for one am planning to showcase it on my bookshelves one I have the space but it would also make the most eye-catching coffee table read.