Serum - Christopher  McDonald

This review was originally posted on One Curvy Blogger

If I were trying to give an example of how a narrator can make an audiobook or break it, I'd use Serum. Though the cover may not look like much, I really was excited by the premise of the book. I couldn't wait to dig into this thriller and I probably could have enjoyed the book, if the narrator wasn't such an awful pick. I could have even gotten over the sound issues had McDonald been a little bit more choosy with his voice actor and done any kind of diting.

I'm guessing that Serum Was Wilson's first attempt at narrating, because his performance was far from professional. He was constantly clearing his throat, stumbling over his lines, and correcting himself. It thoroughly distracted from the story and forced me to DNF by chapter five. It was such a disappointment, but it had to be done.

FTC Disclaimer: An audible copy of Serum was given to me free in exchange for an honest review.