Rock Me Two Times - Dawn Ryder

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I am a huge fan of rocker romances, they are my catnip. Anytime I see one that I haven’t read I get all grabby hands, so that’s basically how I wound up with a copy of Rock Me Two Times. Unfortunately, this rocker romance was not as yummy as I wanted it to be, but not because the writing sucks.

Do you ever come across a book where the main characters grated on you every last nerve? That was my experience with this book. I really couldn’t stand Kate and Syon. The slut shaming from Kate, the total lack of respect they both had for each other… Let’s just say there was a bunch of eye-rolling and angry sighs coming from my room.

Rock Me Two Times came very close to being my fourth DNF of September. In fact, about halfway in I gave up on it and then later that evening (when I had my temper more under control) I picked it back up, determined to finish the book, even with my feelings for the main characters. My reason for giving Rock Me Two Times another chance? I wanted more of the world, more of the addicting writing, and SO MUCH MORE of the other characters that the Rock Band series revolves around.

I don’t think my issues with Rock Me Two Times is Ryder’s fault (at least not all of it). If Kate and Syon hadn’t rubbed me the wrong way, I could have really enjoyed this book. I love tough, independent heroines. I do not enjoy overly aggressive main characters (of any gender) that are always on the offense, irrationally prejudice, and slut shame. There is a fine line between asshole and confident and Kate’s character seemed to cross said line enough to grate on my nerves over and over.

I didn’t have as many issues with Syon, but together as a couple they didn’t work for me. There was so little respect for one another that it bordered on unhealthy and wound up turning me off of both of them. The sex scenes were hot enough, except if you find it icky that these two people who met at most 48 hours before they had unprotected sex. One of which who has one night stands on a regular basis (hello, rock star). AND NO CONDOMS??? REALLY? *shudder* I mean, if you really trust a stranger when he says “I’m clean” that cool for you, but I would not be one hundred percent trustworthy until I saw some legit results from a doctor.

So, would I recommend Rock Me Two Times to other romance lovers? Not really. Do I want to read the rest of the series? I do. Kate and Syon really this book for me, but I am willing to give the other member of Toxsin a chance. Especially the hot drummer who likes to cosplay. *grins*

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