Tough Love - Lori Foster

This review was originally posted on One Curvy Blogger

Lori Foster has been one of my favorite contemporary romance writers for years now. Whenever she writes a new book, I am typically quick to read it because I know I will enjoy it. This year I got behind and never picked up Tough Love because when it first came out, I wasn’t reading much adult romance. When I learned my library had the book, I quickly snatched it up. I have anticipated Vanity and Stack’s book for a long time and as always, Foster did not disappoint.

Vanity Baker is an independently wealthy, California girl who moved to Ohio when her BFF Yvette moved back to town. Vanity is the type of person who knows how it feels to be truly lonely, so she never takes her friends for granted. Ever since moving to Ohio, she finally has a family she loves filled with friends that would do anything for her. After learning more about her, my heart just squeezed for her. Though she does come off as a tad manipulative in Tough Love, I couldn’t find it in me to hate her for it. She has the best intentions and though they are misguided I couldn’t fault her for not wanting to scare Stack away.

Stack aka “The Wolf” is another yummy fighter with a chip on his shoulder. I loved him like I love the other MMA fighters, but I could never really understand why he was so ashamed of his family. I understand why he hates F’ing Phil, and sure his sister has issues (though she does grow in Tough Love, woot woot!) I didn't see a true reason he keeps them so hidden. All family can be embarrassing at some point and his wasn't even that bad (except for F'ing Phil, of course).

Tough Love is another delicious romance in the Ultimate series that fans of Lori Foster should not miss out on! I really enjoyed it, but I am biting my nails for Armie’s story! *hint hint* ;)