They All Fall Down - Roxanne St. Claire

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I picked up They All Fall Down after spotting it on the young adult shelves in my public library. This is a book I have read many book reviews on around the book blogging community and finally decided to give it a whirl. While I didn't find it completely different, it did have some surprising twists that probably would have been more surprising if 95% of them hadn't been left to the end of the book. A couple blogging friends and I had just commented on the surprising amount of authors who think it is acceptable to cram all the plot twists into the last few chapters, and then try to explain them away with an epilogue (or not).


This is not okay and honestly, it made me lower my overall rating of the book. So while I did have a fun time reading They All Fall Down, it wasn't as memorable as I had hoped it would be. In fact, I completely forgot I read it until I looked on my What I Read This Week excel sheet. (You name it – I probably have an excel sheet for it. I freaking love Excel.) I do still hope to read more by this author, but I probably won’t have such high expectations the next go ‘round.

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