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Lori Foster is one of the first adult romance authors whose writing I fell in love with way back in middle school when I was still having to sneakily check them from the library and read under the covers after my folks had gone to bed. Almost ten years later, I still devour her books every chance I can get. I love that no matter which new series Foster creates, she can still find a new way to introduce old characters. She’s probably the only romance author that I know of that does this so often and I have to say, I love it! The old SBC fighters and their love interests are characters I remember fondly, so it was exciting to learn she incorporated some of her old fighters when I read Holding Strong.

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Denver and Cherry, have managed to steal a piece of my heart along-side of her old characters. It’s gotten to the point where I have started to plot out ways to easily kidnap them all and turn them into a delicious unwilling harem of fiction lovers all for myself. Sorry ladies, but I have decided that I can’t stand to share any of them with you guys any longer. I’ll send you a postcard from my island paradise when I’ve figured out how to transport a dozen or more muscley fighters and their kick-ass SO’s.

Anyway, back to Cherry and Denver. . .

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Denver has admire Cherry from afar since the day they set eyes on each other, but her friendly way with the other SBC fighters and his relationship with his cheating stepmom has him less than anxious to begin a romance with a woman that reminds him of her. Thankfully, a long night of ogling the woman dance with other man and her latest attempt to approach him has lowered his defenses and seduced him into thinking perhaps he should get to know her (body) a bit before being so hasty to dismiss her.

The man is slightly sexist, but it’s hard to fault him for it, because he is just so damn adorable in his over-protection of her and he does appreciate an independent and strong woman – he just feels he should treat her like a gentleman, protect her from danger, and care for her when she’s ill. It’s hard to not drug his food, lock him in the trunk of my car, carry him to a deserted island and force him to worship me hate a man for that, doncha think? Even if you’re a gal who likes to call the shots, I think you could still find the hunky man as adorable as I did!

Outwardly, Cherry appears to be “flirt”, but anybody in her friend group not colored by their own lust for her (aka Denver) could see the woman only has eyes for Denver. Sadly, he could never see it, so she makes up for that by pretending she isn’t hurt by his abrasive behavior. I’m not usually a fan of misinterpretation as plot conflict, but thankfully it wasn’t the main conflict and Foster always makes it work.

As the novel progressed both Denver and I start to realize how much torment this woman suffered in her childhood and that Cherry and his stepmom are polar opposites. Personally, I don’t know anybody in real life who has battled such a dysfunctional – and downright brutal – childhood and came out a winner. I only wish Cherry wasn’t fictional so that I could hit her up and ask her how she held it all together and turned out to be so normal!

Holding Strong was another beautiful addition to Lori Foster’s book list, even though the ending was a little more flat than I anticipated. It still rocked and I would still recommend Holding Strong to all fans of contemporary romances and to those who enjoy a happily ever after as much as this romance junkie does.inkslinger

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