Seven Years to Sin - Sylvia Day


When I first realized my love of adult romance, I devoured any and all historical romance that I could get my hands on. I learned pretty early on that sex scenes in historical love stories could go really downhill, really fast. I’m one of those HR junkies that abhors purple prose and flowery love scenes and eventually hit a dry spell. But when I had seen that notorious erotic romance writer Sylvia Day had written a historical romance series, well, I was too curious to pass up the opportunity to get this book almost free on Paperbackswap.

Months later, when I finally opened Seven Years to Sin to read the first couple of pages, I didn’t actually mean to sit down and read for two hours. I just meant to peek in and save it for in the morning, but Day caught me unaware in a web of sneakily addictive writing that I didn’t even realize she had a talent for. Before I knew what was going on, I was a hundred pages in and it was 1 am and I was supposed to be asleep hours ago. What I am trying to warn you romance junkies is to make sure you actually have the time to sit down and devour this book, because otherwise you’ll end up confused about how the time had passed and completely forget what you were supposed to be doing!


Like many historical romances, Seven Years to Sin has a character driven plot but the realization didn’t deter from my love for this book. I enjoyed every character in this book, from the main characters, to the secondary characters – and yes, even the bad guys. A big theme in this story is overcoming abuse and betrayal from those who are supposed to put your safety first. This is a common theme in romance, but this is a common issue in modern times and historical, so I found Seven Years to Sin to be surprisingly heart-wrenching for all characters involved.

Another central theme of this story was overcoming upbringing. Jessica and her sister, Hester, were raised by their serious and often abusive father. They were both shaped into two very different, but caring women who dealt with the abuse in different ways. It was fascinating to see how different their lives were all throughout the novel, and how difficult it was for them to shed the past in growing as characters. They weren’t the only characters that had some growing to do – I noticed all the important characters did some growing as the novel progressed (well, most of them) and it was something I appreciated as a reader.


What impressed me the most about Seven Years to Sin was how seamlessly Day connected all the characters. It was believable and pretty realistic. Was the plot all that realistic? Not really (but historical romance hardly ever is), but I really enjoyed how everyone in the book had a role in adding dimension to each other. Everyone in my life has shaped me into who I am in one way or another, so I love how realistically the author wove them all together. I liked how big a role the parents had in making Jessica and Hester and even Michael, Alistair, and Lord Remington (even if he was a bastard) because let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be who we are – good or bad – with some help from who raised us.

❝Say something,” he said gruffly. “Tell me you want it.”
“I’ll show you instead.” Licking her lips, she dropped to her knees.❞

Jessica was the strongest character of them all. She learned early that being herself wasn’t beneficial to surviving in her household, so she allowed her father to shape her into the perfect “genteel” woman, all the while knowing that no matter what society said about her, she was far from perfect. It was so awesome to watch her transform from this masked, frigid woman to a sensual beauty unafraid to acknowledge her less-than-proper desires for Alistair. Jessica is one of the hottest heroines I’ve ever read and can totally see myself re-reading this book just for Jessica and Alistair sexy times.

❝If I was any more pleased with you, I would lose what little remains of my sanity.❞

Gah, Alistair. He was sexy, heroic, heart-wrenching, and so damn wicked. I can totally see the appeal of this man. He doesn’t even realize how much of a catch he is. Selfless enough to set out on his own so his mother wouldn’t be torn between her ass of a husband and her own son, wicked enough to find a way to use his looks for profit, moral enough to leave England for seven years so he wouldn’t tarnish her loving marriage. He’s incredibly self-confident (as well he should be) in the bedroom but also has the self-esteem issues of a chubby teenager. Basically a well-developed character that gives off an “awwwhhh” effect while also incinerating panties. Everything this romance junkie loves in her heroes!


If you hadn’t already guess, I’m a big fan of Seven Years to Sin. Once again, a newfound favorite that I regret waiting so long to read. Ah well, can’t change the past, but I correct the future so I’ve already purchased another book in this stand-alone series. I recommend fans of erotic romance to try Seven Years to Sin. Even if you’re an erotic romance fan that doesn’t read historical romance, this book is well worth stepping out of your comfort zone. You will not regret it!

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