Anomaly - Tonya Kuper
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Many of you know that I'm slowly falling back in love with the Young Adult genre. It started with the talented writing of Trish Marie Dawson, and has grown exponentially since finishing Anomaly. When I picked this book up, I didn't take much time really reading the synopsis, I was mostly drawn to the pretty cover with the kickass background. It didn't prepare me for the extremely inappropriate funny dialogue, the super hero obsessed main character, or the amaze-ball Big Bang Theory references.

The Oculi create reality through observation. Those that create are Pushers; they have the ability to create matter with a thought. Retractors "erase" matter with a thought. Then there are the ones called Anomalies, which can do both, and tend to be stronger. But being Occuli comes with a price that kills the fun of having the power to Push a million dollars into your bank account... Now, I know what you're thinking. It all sounds weird and a little blah, and at first I had many WTF moments, but Kuper has a talent for writing and world building that makes the weird plot line work better than you'd think.

Anomaly sort of reminds me of Christine Feehan's Ghost Walker series, but for teenagers, and with a much easier to follow plot line. There is lots of fun action, a few delicious make out sessions, and it was all easy enough for my brain to follow. I didn't even mind the dual POV (much), because the author found a way to make it interesting, and in my opinion, I could get inside the character's head easier. It helped me connect with Josie and Ried, so I'm not hating on dual POV.... this time.

Josie takes the cake for having the worst birthday ever. (pun intended) Her boyfriend dumps her for not putting out, her dad has been gone for a month and hasn't called to wish her a happy birthday, and she learns someone wants her dead, and that her whole life is a lie.

I really enjoyed Josie as the heroine. She's a super hero-loving, Sheldon-type without the god complex and with a better attitude. Even though she's a brainiac with super powers, she is a character that I didn't have a problem connecting with, and that a lot of people could become attached with. Josie may be a kickass heroine in a young adult book, but she isn't a slut-shamer, batshit crazy, or a Mary Sue character that many teenage girls obsess over. She didn't annoy the crap out of me, or even make me want to bang my head against the wall. SUCCESS. She has issues that I could really relate to, and I may or may not forget that she's a fictional character sometimes. Heh heh. *sob*

When I think of hero's with names like Reid, I think trust fund baby. It's stereotypical, but it's true. Names are important when creating a character's personality. For example, when I think of names with names like Damien, I think of cliché romance heros that wind up getting the girl because he may be an asshole, but at least he's good in bed. When I started the book, I thought that his name didn't fit his character at all and as I read, I found out why. *hint hint* I wasn't as enamored with Reid but then I didn't get to know him as well as I wanted to until the damn cliffhanger of an ending, and I still didn't get near as much detail as I wished. I did enjoy him as a character, though. His past is so mysteriously connected with Josie's, that I ate up every detail the author saw fit to share. Which were not as many as I would like.


Just kidding, I would never do that. I'm a pacifist. I swear.

This author is extremely sadistic with her teasing foreshadow, but Anomaly rocked. I cannot wait to read more! If you are a fan of young adult, almost dystopian worlds, try this book out for size. If you've read my review, and decided Anomaly is your new book soulmate, it released today, so go grab your own copy!

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