Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles) - Gena Showalter
Dear Curvy Readers,

Ya’ll know how I’ve been on an all-things-zombie kick here recently, so when I got the chance to re-read Alice in Zombieland (seriously, I did not realize my public library had such cool books), I jumped higher than my half-rabbit, half-pup, Buddy (I didn't name him, I swear. He's not even mine, he just thinks he is) does when he sees my socks, food, or used undies. I couldn’t figure out why it took me two whole years to pick it back up again, but then I started reading and remembered I’m usually not that big on love triangles, drama, or whiny main characters. Miraculously, I somehow found myself falling back in love with the book. I plan to continue re-reading the series until I hit book three (in which case I will no longer be re-reading and just reading for the first time).

Anywoo, If you are new to the series and decide to pick it up based on the idea that Alice in Zombieland is equivalent to an Alice in Wonderland retelling, well . . . it isn’t. Not in comparison to Cinder or whatever other popular retellings that are popping up these days. I see similarities and downright obvious signs that would point at “retelling” (A//N: really, every time that rabbit cloud appeared in the sky I kept imagining the batman signal – if the batman symbol signified zombies. Heheh. I would have paid more attention to the Batman movies if it featured zombies, is all I’m saying), but it’s more of a theme in this novel, rather than the focal point.

Moving on . . . I always say I hate to cry, but seriously why do I pick such tragic books to read? Tragic is a good word to describe Alice. The same would probably be true for me or you if we’d just lost our whole family in one night (on our birthday, no less!, found ourselves living in a completely different reality where zombies don’t feed on flesh but our spirits, and oh yeah, our dad really wasn’t insane. Suffice to say, she’s kind of a downer. But that’s okay, apparently that’s attractive in a woman –just ask Cole, he would know.

Things I ❤ (this go ‘round)

  • On a purely superficial note, the chapter headers are gorgeous! Seriously, they were really well done. And pretty . . . I always like pretty.
  • I sometimes forget how easily Showalter can breathe life into a popular troupe and make it shiny and new and utterly bizzare. Flesh eating zombies that don’t really eat flesh and can only be killed in spirit form? Really? Who has ideas like that floating around in their grey matter? Not me. Then again, the zombies got to my braaaaaiiinnnnsss a long, long time ago. Yeah, that was lame. I know. I’m so ashamed.
  • I love Kat. She’s kinda crazy and completely adorable, definitely one of a kind.
  • I kinda sorta liked Alice okay. But not really.
  • I loved all the secondary characters, especially Frost. He’s fun!
  • It’s uber cheesy in some parts (like all teen romance). I happen to love cheese, especially cheddar cheese, so this was a plus for me!

Things I didn’t ❤

  • Alice was whiny. I can forgive that with the death of her family and all, but it was hard not to roll my eyes at her hating on having naturally pale blonde hair, blue eyes, and long legs. You poor, poor woman. How ever will you live with yourself? Suffice to say, I did a lot of eye rolling.
  • Cole was a dick. I did not like this dude. Maybe like a teeny bit at the end but he was a real jerk otherwise. For example, he broke up with his last girlfriend because she moved in when she was kicked out of her house. He didn’t want a girlfriend underfoot. If I can remember correctly, he doesn’t get much better in book two, either. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

So as you can see, I have a lot of complaints and still gave it a four and a half rating. I can see you guys giving me that “you’re being too nice” look, but not really. Even though I didn’t really like one main character and almost completely hated the other, I enjoyed myself so much! If you don’t believe me, go check out my Goodreads updates. Much fun was had in the re-reading of Alice in Wonderland. Thankfully, that’s mostly what I base my ratings on, how much I was entertained. I’d definitely recommend everyone to give it a try and draw your own opinions. Then run back over here and blab about how much you hearted, hated, and/or couldn’t care less about the main characters. Please?


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