Start Me Up - Nicole Michaels
FTC: I received this book for free from the NetGalley, Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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I confess that in the past couple of months I have been falling away from adult romances, but I am slowly forcing myself to come back to them. I realize that I limit them myself enough just sticking to the romance genre, so I’m making it my mission to not limit myself to one age group or sub-genre. I don’t want to miss out on great books but I sometimes get stuck in one genre when I know how much I enjoy them. Change causes me anxiety, so I tend to be more stubborn about branching out, but I am trying to correct that issue (and hopefully without some Xanax), which is why I asked the publisher for the opportunity to review.

One of my missions is to accept more review requests this year and reach out to more publishers whom offer books that I know I could potentially enjoy. By reaching out to St. Martin, I received the opportunity to read and review Start Me Up. While it is no means my favorite story of the year, it turned out to be surprisingly fun to read regardless of the few problems I had with the characters. Start Me Up is the perfect fluffy book to read in-between those emotional roller coasters that leave us dazed and confused.

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The Bad

While I was making my way through Start Me Up, I aimed a few not-so-pleasant thought’s Anne and Mike’s way. They both had a lack of confidence in themselves that did a god job of complicating their relationship a whole helluva lot more than any other outside force could. Did I like these two characters? Yes, I liked them very much ... eventually. In the beginning, Mike is so insecure about his “blue-collar job” (dude you restore classic cars for rich old guys, not sure I classify that as blue-collar no matter how much grease is involved) that he wound up feeding Anne’s age and weight insecurities when he continued to reject her – even though he was the one who started the heavy flirting first! I swear, peer-pressured teenagers have self-confidence than these two.

The Better

Thankfully, they both really do improve as the book goes on – we’ll call it some subtle character growth – and I warmed up to them enough to eventually love them. It makes me so glad I didn’t give up on Start Me Up because the book became a fun ride close to halfway in.

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Mike becomes more confident about himself and eventually he knows that Anne and he would be good together, no matter how different they are or how much “classier” she is than he. Once he gets over his silly self-doubt, he becomes this hottie with a dirty mouth and a talent for naughty shenanigans that had me fanning my face and Anne fanning her … well.  Not only is he sexy, but he’s so cute with Anne’s kid and his niece. He would make such a good dad. ❤

I was attracted to Anne from the get go, even while I was rolling my eyes at her. She’s a crafty, DIY kinda gal whom owns a successful “mommy blog” as she calls it. She uses her crafty ways to plan parties (mostly for kids), decorate her house and do special things for those around her, especially her kid. It makes my heart sing because, well, blogger. And I love crafty stuff too, so of course I connected with the lady. We could be great friends if she weren't a fictional person.

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All-in-all, I enjoyed Start Me Up far more than I expected I would. There was even some naughty public displays of affection. *wiggles eyebrows* I plan to continue the Hearts and Crafts series when the next title, Win Me Over comes out and will keep up hope that it only gets better from here. I recommend this book to fans of Contemporary Romance looking for a fluffy story to sigh over. I guarantee much sighing indeed!

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