Sea Swept (Chesapeake Bay, Book 1) - Nora Roberts

Cam is living the life in Monte Carlo when he receives an urgent message from his brother, Phillip. He rushes home to find his father on his death bed and a new, ten year old brother that is now his and his two brothers' responsibility. His life is put on hold to make sure Seth gets to stay a Quinn, and finds himself in a new business.

Nora Roberts has written over 200 books. How does she create so many unique stories and not repeat herself?! I know I would. There are so many facets to a Nora Roberts book. She can write a sizzling sex scene, and turn out one of the greatest thrillers I've ever read in one book. I love a good NR thriller, but this series is more of a family saga and I can honestly say it's the best saga/drama I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

For most of this book I thought Cam was an ass. The book starts off with Cam attempting to seduce a Sports Illustrated bikini model, and then once he gets the letter from Phillip, he tosses her out of his room NAKED! Towards the end of the book, when he's wooing Anna, falling in love, than making an ass of himself, I just thought he was an idiot. But he is a strong and caring family man, so at least he's got that going for him. I will admit he's very charming and has loads of sex appeal, so I understand why woman tend to fall into his lap—er, bed.

Anna is a strong female character at her finest. She overcomes her past and uses it to help troubled kids find loving homes. She prides herself on being objective when it comes to who would be suitable to care for foster kids. That is, until she's assigned Seth, a young boy that was in the process of being adopted by Cam's father before he died and left Cam and his brothers in charge of the new Quinn.

Things become more personal than ever for Anna. She's closer to Seth and the Quinn family than she usually would be. It doesn't help that it was lust at first sight for her and Cam. The man gets under her skin like nobody else has, and the next thing she knows, the heated fling turns out to be more than just sex. It might just be the real deal, but she doesn't let her growing feelings for Cam get in the way of what is most important: making sure Seth stays with the Quinns.

This book—hell, this series-—is one of the best I've read, yet. It's very dramatic and emotional, but it works for this book. It kept my interest, so much so that I could have read it in one sitting if I hadn't been so busy last week. I'd recommend this book to those of you who like Nora Roberts, contemporary romance, or family sagas.

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