He Ain't Lion (Ridgeville) - Celia Kyle
4 Stars

He Ain’t Lion is a short story I picked up to getting over a book hangover by Surge, a deeply emotional, intense zombie apocalypse novel. While I got over my book hangover, I picked up a new favorite series! He Ain’t Lion turned out to be a hilarious short story, designed to make readers laugh – and maybe a little horny.

Recently dumped by her hurtful ex, Maya Josephs is looking for one night of dirty sex to get her ex’s harsh words out of her system. A “friend” pointed her in the direction of a Genesis, a shifter club known to have shifter orgies the night of the Gaian Moon.It was the perfect scenario; an orgy means one night of dirty, hot sex, right? Sure they do. . . except when you walk out mated to the Prime of the lion shifter, and turned into a were-lion.

Maya is a character comfortable in her own skin. She doesn’t have the many hang ups that go along with a curvy body in the 21st century. This book may have been written to give us a laugh with our sexy times, but it’s also inspirational as well. I loved her as a main character. She walks into Genesis wearing a stoplight red skin-tight dress, and everybody stops and stares (Although that may be because the full moon makes fur people sex crazed). She attracts male attention, and they attract hers as well. In my opinion, she was born to be furry. She just has that personality – and I love it!

Maya may have been turned on by all the alpha males, but when she meets Alex, Prime of the lions and owner of Genesis the insta-attraction (NOT love. . . I think) is palpable. He’s built, sensual, and ultimate alpha-male. . . why wouldn’t she have delicious, strings-free sex with him? Except he know she’s his mate, and won’t her let go so easily.

Alex seems a bit manipulative, but not in an abusive way. Plus, they get their happily ever after, the book is sexy, and I had a few laughs. What can I complain about?

so basically

This was a light, slightly cliché erotic story. I laughed, I gasped, I had a good time. Basically, I recommend He Ain’t Lion for those looking for a light read with a character driven plot. Thankfully, I loved the characters, so it made for a fun, laugh-out-loud times. Can’t wait to read the next story in the series!

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