The Girl in 6E - A. R. Torre

This review was originally posted on One Curvy Blogger

The Girl in 6E is a book that I never knew existed until I stumbled across Talk Supe’s review of this book’s sequel, Do Not Disturb. I read her review, looked into book one and knew I had to have it. It arrived at my doorstep a few days later and it has collected dust on my bookshelves ever since.

The problem I continued to have with The Girl in 6E is that I would pick it up, read a few pages, and move on to something else. So when it was picked for my TBR list read I was both excited and nervous that I wouldn’t be able to finish it. But guess what? I did! I even enjoyed it, even though it had some obvious problems keeping my attention.

I’m not sure if anyone else had this problem with The Girl in 6E but I couldn’t seem to invest in the book until the halfway point. Not a lot was happening with the plot and it began to feel info-dumpy, though props to Torre for still managing to leave an air of mystery and a couple shocking reveals until the end.

The story is told through several points of view that gives The Girl in 6E more depth as they foreshadow what’s to come. At first I was perplexed by the different POVs, but as the story progressed Torre begins to expertly piece together the puzzle and I was left surprised. I couldn’t wait to see what twisted schemes she had in store for me!

What’s more, I was impatient to find out all of Deanna Madden’s secrets. While there was a lot of info-dumping, it was done in a way that never revealed the full truth, and that is what saved the first half of the novel for me.

Deanna Madden aka Jessica Reilly hasn’t left her apartment in three years. Not because she’s afraid of what would happen to herself if she left – but what would happen to those she might bump into. Deanna was an intriguing character to get to know. I can’t say that she was my favorite character ever, but I really enjoyed delving into her psyche and revealing the why and how she lived her life. She was such a mystery and a complete contradiction to who she appeared to be.

I can’t say I recommend The Girl in 6E to every reader. It’s dark, twisted and takes a special reader who loves a fucked up happily for now. I will say that even though the beginning wasn't my favorite, it only got better the further I read. I’m glad I decided to keep reading and I can’t wait to get my hands on book two!