Black Bird, Vol. 2 - Kanoko Sakurakoji
Dear Readers,

By the time I finished Black Bird Volume II I realized that I’m now hopelessly addicted to this series and all its fascinating main characters. In this edition, Kyo’s eight Tengu daitengu (imagine them as his 8 best friends and bodyguards to Misao) come to town to meet his “bride-to-be” that they’ve heard Kyo obsess over for the last ten years.

I bet ya every time I read about them I had stars in my eyes. They are all completely adorable, especially the six-year-old triplets, two of which are Taro’s (Kyo’s house servant and trainee) brothers. Why can’t they be real so I can give them huuugs??? *sob* It was fun watching the eight interact with Misao. They took her under their wings (I’m so punny) and treated her like she was their sibling. I hope they'll be sticking around for the next few novels!

Along with the daitengu visits Kyo’s older brother, the ex-heir to clan Tengu that despises Kyo for becoming leader. At first he appears to be suave and charming, but his nefarious plot is soon discovered when he kidnaps Misao and Taro, and I discovered just how sick he really is . . .

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel. It was as humorous as the first Black Bird volume and even more endearing. Misao and Kyo make the cutest couple . . . and those kissing scenes . . . ♥_♥ I cannot wait to see what Sakurakouji has up her sleeves for volume three!

Taro obsessed,

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