Symbiont - Mira Grant

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Y’all know I have been a huge fan of Mira Grant ever since I devoured the Newsflesh trilogy. So when the opportunity came to read and review Symbiont, I was so excited! I quickly snapped up the chance and boy am I glad. Just when I think Mira Grant can’t get any creepier, she proves me wrong in all the best ways. I am blown away by every book Grant writes and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to review her books. It so hard for me to express how awesome sauce her writing is, but I’m going to give it a shot regardless.

The implant takeovers are no longer isolated incidences, tapeworms everywhere are waking up and taking over their hosts. Sleepwalker hordes quickly gain control of San Francisco. For Sal and the group, the sleepwalkers are the least of their problems as they search for the how and the why while the government, evil scientists and other tapeworms are making the odds of surviving this man-made apocalypse slimmer than ever.

The world building in Symbiont was once again phenomenal. We gain some valuable insights into why the tapeworms are taking over the hosts and are finally given some long-awaited answers, but with every answer that is uncovered, more questions are raised. This is how Grant keeps me on my toes and I can’t help but love every minute of it.

Symbiont was a wonderfully creepy, hair-raising installment in the parasitology series. The characters are even more heartbreaking, the science even more chilling and the plot is as intense as ever. I’m so terrified to see what awaits me in Chimera but I can’t wait to dig in. Fans of science fiction and twisted apocalyptic zombie horror need to pick up this series ASAP.