Deadline - Mira Grant

This review was originally posted on One Curvy Blogger

Deadline, the second novel in the Newsflesh trilogy, is a novel that it took me forever to work up the courage to read after Feed left me sobbing uncontrollably and in a book hangover the likes of which no book hoarder should ever have to experience. I figured Feed was so amazing, that any sequels could never live up to, but I was wrong. I loved Deadline and will never underestimate Grant’s ability to write awesome zombie thrillers.

After the mess of Senator Rymen’s presidential campaign, Shaun Mason is no longer the happy-go-lucky Irwin who lives for poking zombies with sticks. He’s quickly losing his grip on reality until a CDC scientist shows up with information that proves the conspiracy that changed Shaun’s life last year is far from over. He and his team is quickly entangled in a CDC conspiracy the likes of which the bloggers – and the post-Rising world – might not survive.

Deadline was a fast-paced, high stakes political thriller with a ton more ass zombie kicking than the first novel (Yay zombie as kicking!). It was a bit longer than the first novel, but Mira Grant mixes lengthy world building with unpredictable plot twists and has the ability to make a 15 hour long audiobook fly by until I find myself scratching my head and wondering where the hell the time went. Deadline was the perfect sequel to Feed and a bittersweet reminder that things can always get worse, especially when a sadistic author is at the helm.